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How To Convert PDF to XLS :

1. Drag and Drop your PDF 2. Click on Button Convert Now 3. Wait a few Seconds 4. Click on Download Now and Enjoy your XLS File !

Convert PDF to Excel

Convert PDF to Excel files using our free online converter powered by Solid Documents. Your new Excel files will be fully editable, so you will be able to make changes and run functions/calculations within your spreadsheet.

Browser Based Conversion

Convert from PDF to Excel online quickly and easily. Our browser based PDF to XLS converter can be used from any device, OS, or browser. All processing is completed on our servers, so your device performance will not impact conversion speed or quality.

Conversion made easy

Our powerful servers are dedicated to processing your PDF to XLS conversions to ensure that your files are ready to be download almost instantly. Simply upload, click Convert, and be ready to download your files.

Quality PDF to Excel Conversion

Our algorithms are designed to provide you with top quality PDF to Excel conversion. All structure and formatting will be retained, whilst offering you a fully editable spreadsheet to work with.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR technology means that we can accurately capture all of the content from your PDF files and convert them into fully editable Excel files, ready for you to update.

Simultaneous Conversion

Using our free online PDF to Excel converter, you can simultaneously convert files to save time. Simply upload all of your PDFs, click Convert, and download your Excel files seconds later.