TXT To PDF Converter

How to Convert TXT file To PDF:

1. Drag & Drop Your TXT Files 2. Click Convert Now 3. Wait a few Seconds 4. Click Download Now to Access PDF Files

Online TXT File to PDF File Conversion

Using our online PDF converting tool, you can convert TXT to PDF on any web browser at any time. Converting to PDF makes it much simpler to share your files without affecting the format. Our text to PDF converter is free and easy to use.

What Are TXT Files?

A TXT file is a standard raw text document that contains unformatted text, which means color, font size, boldness, italics and underline are not included. This is why a TXT file is often called a plain text file. The only formatting feature in this type of document is line breaks.

How PDF Conversion Works

When you convert text file to PDF online, our conversion tool chooses a neutral font, using standard page margins to make your document look professional and natural. The line breaks don't change when you convert to PDF, and will look just the same after using our TXT to PDF converter.

Why Convert To PDF?

A text document has certain uses, but it isn't as simple to share as a PDF document. When you PDF convert your text files, they maintain a singular format on all computers and types of operating system, unlike when they're in their TXT form. Though quality is high, you can store a PDF file format as a small file size.

Your Data Matters

Converting TXT to PDF files doesn't put your data at risk with our online PDF convert tool. Every file you convert is encrypted, preventing your data from being accessed by strangers on the internet. We will always treat your data security as our highest importance.

You're Not Limited

Thought you could only convert plain TXT files to PDF? That's not true! Whether you have a Microsoft Office file, a photo file, an RTF file or more, you can upload it and convert it to PDF in no time at all.