PDF to TXT Converter

How to Convert a PDF To TXT :

1. Drag and Drop your PDF 2. Click Convert Now Button 3. Wait Several Minutes 4. Click Download Now To Download Your File

Convert PDF To Text Online

Giving you a quick and efficient way to convert your PDF files online, our free PDF to TXT converter takes no time at all in converting all the files you have to hand. Converting your PDF to plain text format gives you much more freedom to edit and update your document whenever you need to.

Which Files Mean What?

This free online PDF converter accepts files in PDF, or Portable Document File, format. Most people want to convert PDF files because they're read-only, and can't be edited. A plain TXT file, on the other hand, is easy to access and edit in an editing tool that most computers have installed, such as Microsoft Notepad or Word.

Easy Online Access

There's no rule that says you have to convert a PDF file on a specific computer or operating system when you use our PDF file online converter. We allow access to our software from any computer or mobile device, allowing you to make a text convert at your convenience.

Text Editing Benefits

A big benefit of converting a PDF to text file is that you'll be able to edit a document that you would otherwise only be able to view. Whether you need to amend information or add your signature, when you convert PDF to text file, you can easily do this. You can also convert back to a PDF file when you're finished.

Concerned About Security?

Don't be. Your data protection is our priority, and your every document is safe under our watch when you use our PDF to text converter. We make it impossible for other internet users to access your information with our impenetrable online security barriers in place.

Extract Text From Any File

There's never any reason to have to copy text from a PDF file with our text document converter. Whatever file you have to hand can be uploaded and converted into a TXT file with the help of optical character recognition.